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What is the Guide M-17025:2017? 

The Guide M-17025 is a set of editable documents in electronic format  in Microsoft Office Word® and Excel®, which lead the user through the implementation of each of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017, or the equivalent national standard. 



Why is the Guide M-17025 a useful tool?

The Guide M-17025 makes the implementation of the quality system ISO/IEC 17025-2017 an easy job for the top manager, quality manager, head and technicians of the laboratory, with minimal training, in a simple, orderly, reliable, compact way and in the shortest time possible.


What does the Guide M-17025 contain?

The Guide M-17025 contains the following templates*:

- 1 Quality Manual (49 pages).

This provides a guide to implementing the quality management system ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in your laboratory:





4.1 Impartiality.

4.2 Confidentiality.


5.1 Legality of the Laboratory.

5.2 Head of the Laboratory.

5.3 Scope of activities.

5.4 Responsibility for compliance with the standard, customers and authorities.

5.5 Organizational structure.

5.6 Responsible of the management system.

5.7 Responsibility of top management.


6.1 General.

6.2 Personnel.

6.3 Facilities and environmental conditions.

6.4 Equipment.

6.5 Metrological traceability.

6.6 External products and services.


7.1 Review of requests, tenders and contracts.

7.2 Selection, verification and validation of methods.

7.3 Sampling.

7.4 Management of items under testing or calibration.

7.5 Technical records.

7.6 Evaluation of measurement uncertainty.

7.7 Ensuring the validity of results.

7.8 Reporting of results.

7.9 Complaints.

7.10 Nonconforming work.

7.11 Management of information and data.


8.1 Options.

8.2 Documentation of the management system.

8.3 Document control.

8.4 Control of records.

8.5 Risks and opportunities.

8.6 Improvement.

8.7 Corrective actions.

8.8 Internal audits.

8.9 Management reviews.


9.1 Procedures of the quality system.

9.2 Forms of the quality system.

- 18 Managerial and technical procedures (190 pages).

These documents conduct the user to satisfy each of the requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017:

1.       Procedure for personnel management.

2.       Procedure for equipment management.

3.       Procedure for intermediate checks of measuring equipment.

4.       Procedure for purchasing of external products and services.

5.       Procedure for review of requests, tenders and contracts.

6.       Procedure for calibration.

7.       Procedure for testing.

8.       Procedure for sampling.

9.       Procedure for evaluation of measurement uncertainty.

10.     Procedure for verification of calibration methods.

11.     Procedure for verification of physical testing methods.

12.     Procedure for verification of analytical testing methods.

13.     Procedure for validation of calibration methods.

14.     Procedure for validation of physical testing methods.

15.     Procedure for validation of analytical testing methods.

16.     Procedure for management of items under test or calibration.

17.     Procedure for monitoring the validity of results.

18.     Procedure for nonconforming work.

-46 Managerial and technical forms (256 pages).

These forms provide mechanisms to monitor each procedure and generate objective evidence of their operation (records):

1.       Form for code of ethics.

2.       Form for organization chart.

3.       Form for job descriptions

4.       Form for meeting minute.

5.       Form for selection of personnel.

6.       Form for training of personnel.

7.       Form for program of personnel supervision.

8.       Form for supervision of personnel.

9.       Form for authorization of personnel.

10.     Form for authorized positions and signatures

11.     Form for inventory of standards and equipment.

12.     Form for management of standards and equipment.

13.     Form for calibration and verification (check) program of standards and equipment.

14.     Form for identification labels of standards and equipment in operation.

15.     Form for identification labels of standards and equipment out of operation.

16.     Form for metrological traceability chart.

17.     Form for intermediate checks of standards and equipment.

18.     Form for list of external products and services.

19.     Form for evaluation of external providers.

20.     Form for purchase order of external products and services.

21.     Form for review of requests, tenders and contracts.

22.     Form for quotation of services.

23.     Form for calibration certificate.

24.     Form for testing report.

25.     Form for sampling report.

26.     Form for verification of calibration method.

27.     Form for verification of physical testing method.

28.     Form for verification of analytical testing method.

29.     Form for development of methods by the laboratory.

30.     Form for validation of calibration methods.

31.     Form for validation of physical testing methods.

32.     Form for validation of analytical testing method.

33.     Form for management of items under service.

34.     Form for monitoring the validity of results.

35.     Form for planning the monitoring of the validity of results.

36.     Form for proficiency test plan.

37.     Form for complaints.

38.     Form for nonconforming work.

39.     Form for validation of information management systems.

40.     Form for policies and objectives.

41.     Form for master list of documents and software.

42.     Form for customer feedback.

43.     Form for corrective action.

44.     Form for internal audit program.

45.     Form for management reviews.

46.     Form for evaluation of dissemination of the management system.


-6 Spreadsheets (6 files).

These spreadsheets provide a guide to prepare indicators for monitoring and improvement of the quality system:

1.        Form for risk management

2.        Form for scope of the Laboratory.

3.        Form for recording and monitoring of environmental conditions.

4.        Form for statistical control chart of measuring standards and equipment.

5.        Form for estimation of measurement uncertainty.

6.        Form for statistical control chart of customer satisfaction index.

- 1 User manual (14 pages).

This provides instructions for using and modifying documents of the Guide M-17025, and to adapt them to your laboratory.

*These documents can be edited and adapted to any kind of calibration or testing laboratory, independent of its size or activity. They are focused to the implementation of the quality system ISO/IEC 17025-2017 and they do not include specific technical documents regarding the calibration or testing of items, in a particularized way.  


Why purchase the 

Guide M-17025:2017?

 Reduces the time of implementation up to 50 % !!

The Guide M-17025 helps you to significantly reduce the time of implementation of the quality system ISO/IEC 17025:2017, up to 50 % or higher, which reduces operating cost of the personnel assigned to this activity and contributes to reaching your company goals on time.

Save resources and reach your goals on time!


Ensure compliance with the requirements!

The Guide M-17025 contains guidelines to ensure full compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017, reducing the possibility of nonconformities which could jeopardize the reliability of the generated results or the accreditation of your laboratory.

Do not risk the accreditation or reliability of your laboratory!


 Makes the personnel´s work  easier!! 

Unlike other similar products, the Guide M-17025 provides suggestions and comments about How to meet every requirement of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and How to generate objective and reliable evidence of compliance.

Simplify your work and avoid inefficient or ineffective quality systems!


Support included


The Guide M-17025 includes support via email about the use of the documentation. Do not include metrological support.  

We are glad to help you!




Low cost!! High added value!!

The low cost of the Guide M-17025 allows it to be accessible to any size and type of laboratory that wishes to get its accreditation in the shortest possible time, with a reliable and efficient quality system ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Get high quality at a low cost!


Fast delivery!

The Guide M-17025  is provided in less than 24 hours (working days). After notification of payment by e-mail, we will send you a web link and a password to download it from our server.

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Quality Manual ISO/IEC 17025:2017

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Forms ISO/IEC 17025:2017



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